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New: Commutr: using taxis and shuttles to build to critical mass.


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The Purpose of

While many people "invent" Dynamic Ridesharing (including "Dilbert" author Scott Adams here and here), most people are unaware of previous efforts in this area, or how difficult it is (given that the concept has yet to be successfully demonstrated).  This site is intended to share information so that would-be implementers of Dynamic Ridesharing systems can learn from others' experience – and avoid repeating past mistakes! 

What do we mean by Dynamic Ridesharing?

Definition of Dynamic Ridesharing: a system that facilitates the ability of drivers and passengers to make one-time ride matches close to their departure time, with sufficient convenience and flexibility to be used on a daily basis. Discussion.

What's on this site?

Dynamic Ridesharing Projects

Past, current, and proposed Dynamic Ridesharing companies and projects worldwide — with annotations.

Non-dynamic Services

An annotated listing of ridesharing sites and services that, while often innovative and useful, do not meet our definition of "dynamic."

What are the inhibitors?

Why hasn't dynamic ridesharing worked?


Papers, patents, links — with annotations.