One of 50 first-round winners in Google's contest for applications for its Android cell phone operating system, and one of the 20 second-round winnners (in the second 10, which was worth $100,000, compared to $275,000 for the top ten). Second-round winners are profiled here. Slides for each first-round winner are displayed here.

venturebeat.com picked Piggyback as one of its top ten of the 50 first-round winners.

Piggyback says this about their strategy:

We would like to be distributed on every single Android device released this year. This would provide us with a large user base from the start and enable users to find a car more quickly when they need it most. [1]

The "critical mass chasm" is difficult to cross. (See Critical Mass.)

Says Piggyback:

It is imperative to develop cross-platform clients as soon as possible, the iPhone being in our sights as well as Windows-mobile devices. The iPhone benefits from a $100 million dollar fund to develop innovative applications.