Non-dynamic Services is Australia's biggest ride sharing service connecting travelers, backpackers and commuters around Australia. was launched in 2011 and is now the most active ridesharing community in Australia. serves music festivals, which use to encourage festival goers to rideshare to major events. has also entered a partnership with Melbourne Airport (starting in 2012) with the aim of encouraging travelers to share taxis to and from the airport.

Freewheelers.  UK-based service.

China. Here is a message from a knowledgeable source:

"There are many websites providing ride sharing information published in China (as there are many cities). The Chinese word for ride sharing is "pin (share) che (car)". So you can find: (it has QQ/top China IM support)

As it is for local residents, they are all in Chinese, but you can salvage some meaning by using Google Translate. Related search query

I remember in my days back in China. Many people share one taxi in late night to lower cost. Nowadays, many private car owners want to lower their monthly cost. So they are willing to offer rides to others on same route to work."

Mitzfahrzentrale "In Germany, more than 700,000 people use the Mitzfahrzentrale ride-sharing agencies which is on-line for convenience. It has around 150,000 offered rides per month, and is an easy way to travel. Eon, a German energy company, runs a Green Travel scheme in which its employees get money for reducing car use."

GoLoco's primary interface is on Facebook. Primary use is for one-time trips (airport travel, college ride board) It emphasizes social aspects of ridesharing.

ZimRide started with universities. Its primary interface is on Facebook. email

NuRide, Washington, D.C., Houston, etc., USA, 2004-. has several thousand active users across all locations. Web interface only, contact by email (no IVR or SMS). Provides mileage-based rewards (retail discounts and other promotions provided by advertising clients) upon trip confirmation by both rider and driver. Revenues: some from partnerships with government agencies (for example, Houston provided mileage-based payments — some pennies per mile — for a three-year period ending in 2008) as well as fees from advertising clients.

Ridester seems to have lost its website. There's a dormant blog. is a free phone and Web service that consolidates Bay Area transportation information into a one-stop resource. 511 provides up-to-the-minute information on traffic conditions, incidents and driving times, schedule, route and fare information for the Bay Area’s public transportation services, instant carpool and vanpool referrals, bicycling information and more. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alternet Rides "makes it fast, simple and fun to post a ride to anywhere in the US. We want to encourage everyone to sign up, make new friends, save $$$ and do something good for the environment!" This appears to be a one-person operation. email

Carpool Crew was built by people who believe change should be a fun, rewarding experience. Building this site was one way to help you meet other people like yourself who are open to carpooling.

Carpool World is an Internet web site that provides a free public on-line trip-matching service. Users log in and enter the street addresses of their origins (homes) and destinations (places of work), and then the system instantly shows them a list of similar trips from the stored database. The trips are also displayed visually on detailed maps. The users can contact each other by phone or e-mail to make ride-sharing arrangements. The service is primarily intended for commuters, but will work for any type of trip. Goose Networks started in Seattle, expanded to SF Bay Area to support Genetech. Simple, phone-based interface. also offers an enhanced group service, for a fee, that lets employers, institutions and municipalities brand and administer their own virtual carpool matching web site.

CarPoolZone was in the London news because it is not attracting users. It signs people up through their employers.

Commute Alternatives serves the Monterey Bay, CA area. email

Craigslist provides a bulletin board for requesting/offering rides.

eRideShare is located in Illinois and supports carpools and some ad hoc travel.

Divide The Ride "Like you, the folks at Divide The Ride have busy, sometimes hectic lives. We work, play, go to school, and have kids. Lots of kids. With lots of activities. Some of us even have kids on the same teams. One day, we thought - wouldn't it be great if we could schedule carpools for the remainder of the season? So, we developed an event carpool schedule, invited other families to join in, and voila! Divide The Ride was born. We think it's such a great solution to the you-need-to-be-here and you-need-to-be-there scenario, we just had to share it with everyone!"

GishiGo helps drivers and passengers find each other. Privately negotiate travel cost. Intermediate City design allows many more transportation opportunities. Passengers easily identify drivers' route and may request to Hop-a-Ride. Automatically exchange up-to-date PayPal I.D. info. (like a fake I.D. test) right after Make-a-Match. Look for both "confirmed" and "verified" PayPal status. Keeps track of seat availability in real-time. Drivers demonstrate travel intent by making an Offer-to-Drive post, and passengers demonstrate travel intent through Make-a-Match. Both sides invest 99¢ through PayPal. It helps filter away those time wasting "Freebie Freaks. Passengers may first Request-for-Ride. When a good driver post is located, the passenger may exchange their active passenger post to Make-a-Match at no additional fee. Anyone may review feedback comments submitted by past users. Phone number is hidden, and family (last) name is shortened to 1 character until passenger Make-a-Match for privacy and convenience. Drivers may optionally program SMS (mobile phone text message) notification. There is NO annoying membership registration.

Green Ride is a product of Energy and Ecology, Inc. which started in 1973. It claims to have supported 30M miles of rides and has won an award. email

iCarpool "is an online service which helps you find carpool partners. Unlike a rideshare bulletin board, carpool listing service or zip code matching service, iCarpool uses high precision trip matching to find the best carpool match. Whether you wish to drive, ride or share - iCarpool will help you find great carpool matches for all your trips. iCarpool is one of the fastest growing carpool networks today.You must sign up to use iCarpool." "The company already has six digit revenues and well over 50 clients using its services within a year of launching offerings to employers and public agencies. Fortune 500 employers and major metropolitan areas across North America currently use iCarpool's products."

JayRide is a New Zealand service. It appears to be for intercity travel.

Liftshare A successful U.K.-wide ridesharing service. More info (courtesy Ideas in Transit).

McLean Consulting Services, Silicon Valley, is a small company run by Michael McLean. He provides on-the-ground, tailored commuter support programs. He has had SUN, Cisco, PG&E, Adobe, eBay, and Infinera as clients. He specializes in finding cost-effect steps that improve workers' commutes and has a deep understanding of all the 27 transport providers in the Bay Area. He does not employ fancy technology, but knows how to sell and deliver to companies. Companies buy his services to satisfy changing political pressures and compete for commuting workers. He affirms that "guaranteed ride home" services are rarely needed. He discourages advertising as way to monetize services. email

PickUpPal (January 2008-) is doing well enough in Ontario to be attacked by the bus service! email. Summary from PickUpPal: Launched in January 2008, PickupPal allows a private vehicle engaged in a transportation event (a one-way trip from A to B) to be matched intelligently and dynamically over the Internet to a pickup location (someone or something) along its planned route anywhere in the world. PickupPal's core service is providing a venue for either passengers or packages to find or be matched to a driver—typically already traveling in a certain direction or destination—for a small commission. This intelligent matching is performed via a set of software algorithms that dynamically and in real time compare routing, frequency, locational, and driver/passenger preferences against a pool of registered users. At the core of PickupPal's technology is a high-performance Geographic Information System (GIS) software application that sorts and matches based on a series of pre-engineered criteria. Learn more about PickupPal by checking out our blog: [1]

Ride Buzz is a simple ride board for the Amherst, MA area.

RideSearch is a national, advertising suppoted servoce that helps you find other commuters in the area for a safe, secure rideshare experience. "Our goal here at RideSearch is to provide the best possible matches for your commute, whether it is to work or some other destination. is committed to making our world better through carpooling. We can help you save gas while also reducing harmful car emissions and automobile wear and tear." is a site for one-time connections. email

RideShark is a proven international rideshare solution. It was developed by TDM experts, Commuting Solutions, to revolutionize the ease, flexibility and cost of ridematching systems available to the public and private sector consumers. Built, owned and maintained by a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, RideShark incorporates the most current state of the art technology, security and mapping features available globally. RideShark is a division of SurveyPeople Corporation. email

Ridespring RideSpring is an SF Bay Area service that makes alternative commuting more convenient, flexible and rewarding than ever before. Focused at the company level, RideSpring is a very useful and popular employee benefit that significantly improves the worst part of the workday - the daily commute. email

River Cities Rideshare serves the San Antonio/Austin area for free. It mentions finding rides "all along your route." email

Sharedload (in German) is a ride sharing service for parcels and pallets instead of people. One uploads  information to ship goods (weight, location, etc.), and others can make price suggestions. After the auction is finished, the sender can choose a winner and assign the transport to him. 

"TripVerde is a reliable, safe and easy-to-use dynamic ridesharing service that helps its members save and even make money while lowering their carbon footprint. Through its unique solution, TripVerde plans to reduce vehicle miles traveled and the associated air pollution and greenhouse gases by 10% within 10 years. The key to TripVerde's success is our 'RideJockey,' a real human who uses technology to match 'Riders' with 'Drivers,' while maximizing safety. Drivers get paid for transporting Riders. Riders pay a portion of the cost as determined by our pricing model. All financial transactions are handled automatically by TripVerde. No cash is exchanged. TripVerde offers members the choice to completely give up their cars or simply use their cars more efficiently, while making money from their vehicles."

uLoop empowers college students to buy, sell, promote and trade with classmates. It started in January '07 at UC Santa Barbara, and Uloop is now connecting students on college campuses across the country. Hundreds of thousands of students are using Uloop to sell textbooks, find roommates, events, housing, full-time and part-time jobs, internships and even rides home!

VPSI in 30 years became the largest private provider of commuter vanpool transportation services in the world. Employs over 130 people; maintais a fleet of over 5,000 vans in top condition; and accommodates over 25 million passenger-trips annually in VPSI-operated vehicles. email