From the wayback machine, November 2006:

GOOSE Beta for Microsoft Employees


Goose Networks is happy to announce the beta launch of GOOSE, a first-of-its-kind SMS-powered commuting service. Starting Tuesday, September 26th, Microsoft employees living in the downtown Seattle area will enjoy free unlimited use of GOOSE (and be rewarded handsomely for doing so!).

GOOSE will allow Microsoft employees to find ridesharing partners to and from campus in real-time by simply sending a free text message from their existing moible phones. In order to properly reward users, GOOSE also automatically splits the fuel-cost of every trip between rider and driver. And in addition to the time you'll save on your commute (via access to HOV/carpool lanes) and the favor you will be doing the environment, GOOSE beta users can earn $25 in free gas simply by using the service.


This beta program is open to all Microsoft employees who live in one of the following downtown Seattle ZIP codes: 98101, 98102, 98104, 98109, 98112, 98119, 98121, 98122, 98199.

Together, these ZIP codes roughly cover the following residential neighborhoods: Magnolia, Interbay, Queen Anne, Belltown, West Edge, Capitol Hill, First Hill, Central District, Madrona, Leschi.


GOOSE is still a beta product and, as such, we expect there to be occasional glitches for its early users. Furthermore, as with any P2P technology, we expect that early users will have a fairly low 'match rate' (i.e. we'll frequently be unable to pair them up). We're more than happy to offer the following rewards for beta users who are willing to put up with an occasional bug or two and a initially low match rate during the first few weeks:

And, if that isn't enough, we promise an invitation to the GOOSE launch party (date TBD) for all active beta users.

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