Information from Carriva as of January 2009:

We currently have 1006 members with 280 ride offers on the calender on work days as well as 120 ride requests. On average we have 25 to 30 successful matchings per day.

Once cell phone matching begins, we guarantee that a passenger returns home safely. If, in the worst case, a driver for the return trip cannot be found, CARRIVA will pay for public transportation or a cab, if necessary.

We are currently working on a large-scale promotion campaign and are planning to include media coverage. In the meantime we have also improved our website, added a special calender for shift workers, which make up about 2/3 of our members, and included a map with "routes for vehicles" (Fahrplänen für Pkw-Fahrten) for each city/town - not only for individuals who start at a certain point, but also for those who drive by or within a particular "corridor", which the member can chose himself/herself.

The route calender also includes a special tool which enables our members to contact each other directly via email.

For further details and to try the system out yourself - no need to log in - please see

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Extract (translation provided by Carriva):

Drivers and passengers can very easily and quickly form ride share opportunities “on the spur of the moment”. The software for matching up and arranging for single trips was completed at the end of 2005. Employees are Frankfurt Airport are already testing the system.

extract (translation provided by Carriva):

What is the Ride Share Club? – And how is it organized?

Many hundred employees at Frankfurt Airport drive to similar destinations at the same time on the same routes, most of them alone in a car. Many of them would be willing to take another passenger along in their car. However, many do not know each other. On the other hand, they may have varying working schedules and therefore cannot commit to firm and frequent ride share opportunities. There may also be difficulties if passengers want to return home as soon as possible and the driver might want to run errands. Therefore, many don't wish to commit to sharing rides on a daily basis.

The CARRIVA Ride Share Club makes it easy for its members to ride together. A new technology makes it possible to make spontaneous decisions and depending on your mood if you would like to ride together with others. Members do not have to commit themselves to firm times or individual persons. They can decide if they want to share a ride or not on a daily changing basis.

A ride share opportunity is arranged within seconds via the CARRIVA data base. Members enter their ride share offers or requests by mobile phone. If a match is made between a driver and a passenger, a central computer establishes a connection between the driver and passenger and they themselves then arrange a pick-up point. A type of “hitch-hiking” to and back from work is made possible in a very simple manner, however with much more security and reliability than normal hitch-hiking since all participants are registered as members of the Ride Share Club.

The Club also ensures that every passenger returns home safely. CARRIVA does away with the disadvantages of regular ride share possibilities, leaving only advantages: CARRIVA helps reduce traffic congestion – more mobility and less traffic! CARRIVA practices environmental protection – efforts to protect the environment do not cost anything, the driver even earns!

Join the CARRIVA Community and register today! If a sufficient number of members are registered for selected routes to the airport, appropriate matches are conducted by telephone. All registered members can already use the system by entering their ride offer in a personal time schedule (“My ride calendar”). CARRIVA will automatically search for appropriate drivers/passengers and will contact you via Internet (Email).