Car2gether According to The Economist, Daimler (the parent company of Mercedes-Benz) is funding -- through its Business Innovation unit -- projects that "will tap at least €100 M ($140 M) a year in revenue from a market worth at least €1 billion, and promise higher profit margins than usual." Among these projects is a car-sharing scheme (Car2go) and the Car2gether ride-sharing pilots. Car2go has expanded to Ulm and Hamburg, Germany, Vancouver, Canada, and Austin, Texas. The Car2gether scheme remains in its two original pilot cities, Ulm and Aachen, Germany.

Daimler says,

The idea for this concept was developed by the Business Innovation division at Daimler AG which identifies business areas with future potential. Business Innovation is presenting a complementary solution for the advancing changes in individual mobility. Futurologists expect that due to the living conditions in cities, an increasing number of people will not own a car at all in future ("zero-car households"). Project Manager Michael Kuhn: "There is still a need for flexible, convenient and inexpensive mobility. With car2gether, we exactly offer these advantages and also encourage the more efficient use of resources."

Daimler is the first car company to trial this form of mobility in a pilot project that tests intelligent and contemporary use of a ride sharing system especially for urban areas. (source)

(See also: Aachen.)

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