Avego was spun out of Mapflow, a transport technology company with a background in GNSS-based (global navigation satellite systems-based) road pricing headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

The initial product – infrastructure ('plumbing') to support dynamic ridesharing, along with a client application that ran on in-car navigation devices – was due to go into field tests with up to 100 drivers in Summer 2008 in a project, EcoShare, undertaken with other driving and transport organisations interested in understanding the influence that price has on travelers' inclination to share. The project targeted a major commute artery, but it proved prohibitively expensive to recruit participants. (Handing out flyers to drivers along the route was the best available approach; nevertheless it was costing more than €100 per driver, according to Harvey Appelbe of Mapflow.)

Avego released an iPhone implementation of the client application in the Fall of 2008. Here are links to some online press reactions to Avego's release during the Fall 2008 Demo conference:

Information week: DEMO: Avego's Mobile App Spawns Hitchhiking 2.0. Avego runs on iPhones and other mobile devices, and matches drivers and passengers who are going the same way -- for people brave (or crazy) enough to ride with strangers. mashable.com: Turn Your Car into Public Transportation With Avego. But Would You Really Use This?

Avego continues to be one of the most active participants in testing the "critical mass" barrier to dynamic ridesharing. A June 30, 2010 release indicates a trial in Nottingham City, U.K. involving 30 drivers out of 1,640 employees at the business campus of the E.ON power company.

In July 2010, Avego was chosen to participate in a pilot test in the Seattle area. See www.avego.com/st/wsdot.php. A final report was due June 2011; however, a copy has never been proffered. See Carpool Pilot Project, Washington State Department of Transportation.

In January 2012, Kristian Amlie of Odfjell Drilling & Technology reported:

In Bergen there is a large Avego driver pilot going on with nine companies using it with a total of 7000 employees in a business area.

The first incentive period got 11 users and the second 39. The requested number was 30-50 users from our funding partner Transnova.no (for reducing emissions from the transport sector) We are now starting up again in mid February 2012 with no limit of users and the goal for 2012 is 1000 users in the Bergen affiliate of Avego.

The National Public Roads Authorities are heavily supporting the efforts and have their own project “Smart traffic with ITS” creating a hub for all suppliers of public transport data to connect and share with ridesharing software like Avego.com. Their website is www.hentmeg.no